Wyrd Sisters

Cast List:Granny Weatherwax, a Lancre witch

Claudia Tranquili

Nanny Ogg, a Lancre witch

Lea Ostmann

Magrat Garlick, a Lancre witch

Alexandra Sokolowski

Leonal Felmet, Duke of Lancre

Carlo Enrico Ghisi

Lady Felmet, his wife

Melanie Zander

The Fool

Mark Loveday

Tomjon, a Guard & voice of the Demon

Andy Williams

Hwel the playwright

Sam Peterson

The ghost of King Verence

Eric Beveridge

Vitoller, Actor-manager

Nicola Policella

Mrs Vitoller & an Actor

Bonnie Smith

The Chamberlain, a Guard, a Robber & an Actor.

Tim Colpman

A Bowman, a Sergeant, a Guard & a Robber

Fabio De Santis

A Soldier, a Guard, an Actor & a Robber

Matthias Eiblmaier

A Servant & a Demon

Nik Usmar

A Peasant & an Actor

Bella Armstrong-Cowell

An Actor

Hannah Beavan

An Actor

Lucy Beavan

People of Lancre, animals etc.

Lani Usmar, Jessica Wright, Ethan Peterson

and other members of the cast

Terry Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters

10 to 19 November 2011 at the WestSide Studio

Directed by Mark Grundy


Based on the Terry Pratchett novel of the same name, the action takes place on the fabulous Discworld® (a planet carried through space on a huge turtle) in a small country called Lancre. Three witches - the extravagant Magrat Garlick, the chirpy Nanny Ogg and their superior Granny Weatherwax - find themselves dragged into royal politics. Verence, the king, has been murdered by Duke Felmet, who has taken control of the country.

Yet the duke himself is enthralled to his over-bearing wife, the Duchess. This depressing affair might endure, but we discover that the Duke hates Lancre and the kingdom is in turn pressing the witches to find a king that would take better care of it. Moreover, Verence's baby son has escaped and fallen into the hands of the witches. The son must be protected but Witch Weatherwax doesn't want to get involved - but she may have no choice!

Wyrd Sisters, published in 1988, is Terry Pratchett's sixth novel in the hugely popular Discworld® series. Adaptations have included an animated version and a 4-part BBC Radio dramatisation. Stephen Briggs play is a new adaptation to mark Discworld's 25th Anniversary.