Play it Again, Sam


Allan - Gerrit-Milena Strätling

Linda - Hayley Letori

Dick - Andy Johnstone

Bogart - Rick Blake

Nancy, Sharon & Vanessa - Aybike Demirsan

Gina & Museum Girl - Olga Pryadilova

Disco Girl & Barbara - Silvia Cavallini

Director and Producer

Carlo Ghisi

Sound and lighting

Mark Grundy

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31st May, 1st and 2nd June

HoffART Theater

Allan Felix has this thing about Humphrey Bogart. If only he had some of Bogart's technique... Bookish and insecure with women, Allan's hero, Bogey comes to the rescue, with a fantastic bevy of beauties played out in hilarious fantasy sequences. Fixed up by friends with gorgeous women, he's so awkward that even Bogey's patience is tried. Allan mostly resembles a disheveled, friendly dog and this is what ultimately charms his best friend's wife, Linda into bed. It's a tough life, making it in the world of beautiful people but if you can't be a hero it helps to have one...

"Hilarious... a cheerful romp. Not only are Mr. Allen's jokes and their follow ups, asides and twists audaciously brilliant, but he has a great sense of character." - The New York Times

"A funny, likeable comedy that has a surprising amount of wistful appeal." - The New York Post