The Molly Room

14th, 15th and 16th of June 2012, at 19:30

at the West Side Studio

Cabinets of Curiosity presents:

The Molly Room

(A play about what goes on behind the curtain)

Written and directed by Sarah Blake

It’s the autumn of 1915 and while the men of England are dying on the battlefields of France, back home in a dilapidated music hall, the girls are taking over... Take a peek inside the dressing room of The Gaiety Theatre and enter a world of ghosts and greasepaint, where cross dressers, cabaret girls and clairvoyants mingle in the backstage shadows - and everyone has a story, a scheme... and a secret.

Cast in alphabetical order

Sinéad Beary - Bathsheba Jones

Benjamin Crisford - Captain Arthur Winthrop

Christian Grant - Lottie L’Amour

Danielle Nott - Annie Drewry

Aneta Piotrowska - Lola Wróbel

Gloria Sanders - Mary McCready

Molly Room visits ESOC to tease us!

About the author

Sarah Blake has been a member of the ESOC Theatre Group since 2004 and is a writer, journalist and theatre practitioner. She formed Cabinets of Curiosity, an independent professional theatre company, based in London, in 2009 and has since written and directed five shows - ‘FOUND - Objects from the River Thames’ (Mayor of London’s Festival, Docklands), ‘Please Do Not Feed the Ladies’ (Trafalgar Square, Fourth Plinth), ‘Five Clever Courtesans’ (London, Darmstadt, Edinburgh Fringe and tour), ‘Fairy Tales for Grown Ups’ (Ripon Yarns Festival), and, most recently, ‘The Molly Room’ (White Bear Theatre, London, and Darmstadt). Her work is frequently inspired by history, in the form of unusual and historical places, people, or events and she is particularly drawn to anything old, strange and slightly ramshackle. You can find out more about the curious world of Cabinets of Curiosity at and get the latest production gossip and photographs by following ‘Cabinets of Curiosity’ on facebook.