Arms and the Man

18th, 19th, 20th and 21st November 2004

The action of Arms and the Man takes place during the Serbo-Bulgarian War of 1885. Raina, daughter of the Petkoffs, is betrothed to Sergius, a true Bulgarian hero. Her romantic world gets highly confused when a Swiss, fighting for the Serbs, hides in her bedroom and eats her chocolates. Who is Raina’s true hero? – The play was so popular in its time that Oskar Strauss made it into the operetta “The Chocolate Soldier”.

Cast of Characters:

  • Raina Petkoff - Sarah Blake

  • Catherine Petkoff - Michèle Zentar

  • Louka - Lucy Edge

  • Captain Bluntschli - Rick Blake

  • An Officer - Anthony Crowson

  • Nicola - Mark Loveday

  • Major Petkoff - Alastair McDonald

  • Sergius Saranoff - Donald Phillips

Directed by Melanie Zander

Production - Alastair McDonald and Melanie Zander

Stage Manager - Dick Waite

Set Design - Nigel Link and Melanie Zander

Stage Artwork - Antony Crowson and Sarah Blake

Lights and Sound - Kevin Kewin and Stefano de Padova

Costumes and Props - Pat Bowen

Makeup - Birgit Williams

Set Contruction - Nigel Link, Simon Allan, Dick Waite, Henry Walls, Adam Miller, Éamonn McKernan , Rick Blake, Bruno Sousa, Nicola Gebers, Patrycja Zawierucha, Lisa Vannucchi and members of the cast