The Odd Couple

Olive, Florence and their friends meet every Friday night to play Trivial Pursuit, moan about their sex lives and reminisce about their schooldays. When Florence appears one night with the news that she and her husband have split up, Olive offers her a home… but will these two old friends be able to live with each other?

Their personality clash unfolds in a vibrant, character-driven comedy that will have you laughing out loud!

In this staged reading, you’ll see a fully-rehearsed cast bring to life Neil Simon’s brilliantly-funny script - with all the flair, fun and fascination of a live radio play performance.

Directed by Sarah Blake

Cast in alphabetical order:

Marco Dalla Rovere - Manolo

Hayley Letori - Renee

Nele Ots - Vera

Rauno Ots - Jesús

Asha Parmar - Mickey

Daisy Saini - Sylvie

Gerrit-Milena Strätling - Florence

Kiri Wood - Olive


Assistant Director/Foley Artist - Mark Grundy

Producer - Carlo Ghisi

A selection of rehearsal photos and videos

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