Fairy Tales for Grown-Ups

1-3 October 2015, 19:30 hrs

West Side Theatre

About the play

Finding the courage to do what you love...

Finding the wisdom to follow your heart...

Finding the magic in your own life...

A shy and scholarly prince; an aristocrat with a secret; an ordinary woman who desperately needs some fairy dust... see your life reflected in a trilogy of magical monologues. Cabinets of Curiosity brings you fairy tales with a twist... because everyone needs stories.

Stories to resonate with your own life – and bring back the magic! Inspired by Jungian psychoanalytic interpretations of traditional fairy story figures, ‘Fairy Tales for Grown Ups’ examines some well-loved archetypes of magic – the hero, the fairy godmother, the wicked crone – and playfully re-imagines them for a modern audience. Prepare to be enchanted... and intrigued.

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Cabinets of Curiosity

in Association with the ESOC Theatre Group

Written and directed by Sarah Blake


DANIEL BARRY performs ‘The Botanical Prince’

In the royal court of his parents, the Botanical Prince is surrounded by privilege and wealth – yet is wretchedly unhappy. Isolated, painfully shy and preferring books to people, his only comfort comes from his studies... but is botany enough to save him?

ANETA PIOTROWSKA performs ‘Madame’

Inspired by the real life author, Madame d’Aulnoy, ‘Madame’ is a witty Parisian aristocrat, who presides over a fashionable storytelling salon. Here, young girls are brought to be prepared for marriage – but when one of her protégés determines on a different kind of life, Madame is forced to reveal her true colours.

SARAH BLAKE performs ‘What You Wish For’

Set in the here and now, the unnamed protagonist of ‘What You Wish For’ has had enough of fairy tales – the heroines are precocious, the fairy godmothers are flaky and the only sympathetic characters are the villains. But who cares? Real life isn’t anything like a fairy tale... is it?

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Cabinets of Curiosity