Wild Shakespeare

Sunday 21st August, 18:00, Herrngarten, Darmstadt


To celebrate the occasion of Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary, the ESOC Theatre Group will be hosting an informal picnic in the Herrngarten. We encourage people to perform a scene/soliliquy/sonnet/Shakespeare-related comedy sketch, song or game, but it's not essential for joining us! The emphasis for these picnic performances is on fun! Please bring whatever food/drink you would like to eat, and a blanket to sit on.

We aim to start at 6pm, and a final meeting point will be emailed out soon.

For further information, please contact committee@esoctheatre.org


We have now found ourselves a good Shakespearean picnic spot! As it's a little bit wet, we will be in the 'tea house' gazebo in the Prinz Georg Garten. Please see the map and photo if you aren't sure what we mean!

The ground inside the gazebo is paved, so a thick picnic blanket or camping chairs would be a good idea.

Hope to see you there at 6pm!