Hayley Letori

Nationality: English


Hayley started acting in 2006 with Theatre Workshop Coulsdon (TWC) and played all sorts of roles, from a Nazi werewolf to a sword wielding Prince Charming! Originally from London, Hayley moved to Darmstadt in 2008 and joined the ESOC Theatre Group in 2011. 


With ESOC Theatre Group

With Theatre Workshop Coulsdon



Play it Again, Sam, 2018

Water Under the Bridge, 2012

Time Flies - 2019

Jörg Bullmann: The Way of all Fish &emdash; _IGP7790

The Way of all Fish, 2013

 Friend of a Friend, 2015

Frankenstein the Panto, 2014

Dick Barton, 2006

Dick Barton, 2006

Puss in Boots - 2019

The Sea, 2012

Business Lunch at the Russian Tearoom, 2012

The Odd Couple, 2017

The She-Wolves of Dr. Schlock, 2007

 Farndale, 2016