Why be a member?

Members can participate in all our club activities and are regularly kept up-to-date on what is going on (readings, workshops, trips, castings, etc.) and encouraged to join in whenever they can. Prospective members are also welcome to come and attend a couple of gatherings before deciding on full membership.

We hold monthly play readings, where any of our members can suggest a play to be read. We gather together for a bite to eat and a chat, then read our selected play.

There are also trips to other English speaking theatres, and workshops on a variety of topics (stage makeup, lighting and sound, wardrobe, stage combat etc).

But the best part of our group is the real family spirit we have. When a play is being prepared, we all roll up our sleeves to help. Members dedicate a bit of their free time and enthusiasm to collaborate in the production, whether it be acting, sound and lighting, props, stage assembly, wardrobe, makeup, promotion, etc. We heartily welcome any specialists in these fields who want an opportunity to practice their hobby in such a magical environment. And if you think you have nothing to offer, think again! We all started somewhere, and you will definitely learn a lot while working alongside us. You don't need to be Picasso with a paintbrush - as long as you get more on the set than on you, we'll be happy! Can't change the oven clock but fancy having a go at the lighting board? No problem, we can show you how! To act in one of our plays, it is important to have a good knowledge of English, but a foreign accent is not a problem. In fact, we sometimes prefer it!

If you want to be a member please follow the steps below and pay your membership fee (details below).

Membership is also required for participation in club activities, and insurance for any accidents.

Qualifying for membership

The SSCC has three types of membership, internal (contributing), external (not contributing), and affiliate (you are not connected to ESA by either family or contract).

The chart below will help you decide which category you fall under. The only practical differences are in the membership annual fee value and the fact that External and Affiliate members do not qualify for any club subsidies for participating in activities. If you are not sure of your company is contributing or not, you can find this list here once you have created an account.

If none of the above apply to you, you are considered an 'Affiliate' member.

Our annual fees are as follows:

Internal member 20€

External member 25€

Affiliate 25€

Junior member (under 16 years of age) 5€

To become a member, please go to the mySSCC portal and subscribe.

Subscribing to the SSCC is mandatory for all members. The SSCC provides a lot of the funding for ETG activites, and this funding is based on how many members we have.

It is a very simple process and it will take only a few minutes of your time. Go to to register. For detailed instructions, please click HERE

To renew your membership:

1 - Log into your SSCC account at

2 - Click on 'Theatre'

3 - Select 'Renew'

4 - Click 'Submit'

Once you have completed your SSCC application, please transfer your membership fee using one of the following:

You can also pay in your banking app by scanning the QR codes below (check your banking app instructions to see if this feature is supported). Just remember to replace "YOUR NAME" with your name in the reference field!

5 - To pay the membership fee by bank transfer, please contact us for the bank details and then enter 'your name membership fee' as the reference (if you were a member last year, you can also use the same account details you used last year too, they haven't changed)

6 - Once the transfer has been received, the ETG Committee will confirm your mySSCC subscription and you will be a member of the Theatre club! Yay!