The Opposite Sex


  • Vicky - Ekaterina Kolotinskaya

  • Judith - Lea Katharina Ostmann

  • Mark - Christoph Weinandt

  • Eric - Tim Patterson

Directed by Ivan Aksenov

  • Stage Manager: Mark Grundy

  • Stage Building: Nigel Link, Dick Waite, Henry Walls, Simon Allan, Mark & Moira Grundy, David Andrews, Tom Cowell, Eric Beveridge, Alastair McDonald, Ivan Aksenov and Nikola Chernev

  • Lights & Sound: Nicola Policella

  • Props: Moira Grundy

  • Production: Daniel Scuka and Bruno Sousa

The Opposite Sex,

by David Tristram

18 to 20 November 2010

at the Hoffart Theater

This year's autumn production by the ESOC Theatre Group is the side-splitting adult comedy by David Tristram, The Opposite Sex.

The play revolves around the pasts of two couples: Mark and Vicky and Judith and Eric, which — over the course of an evening — comes back to haunt them. An innocent social gathering erupts into insults, black eyes and broken china. This play is guaranteed to have you in stitches and is definitely not to be missed.