FEATS, the Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies, is the largest competition between English-speaking amateur theatrical groups resident in mainland Europe. It takes place every year.

ESOC Theatre Group have competed at FEATS on several occasions. It is a great opportunity to have fun, make friends and, possibly, collect some awards. The joint efforts of our members and friends has created a good reputation for us among the other members of FEATS.

So far, we have participated in the following FEATS festivals:

2023 Bad Homburg

Lady Luck by John Lewis (directed by Hayley Letori)

Nominations - Rick Blake (Best Actor)

2017 Frankfurt 

Adjudicator - Jeannie Russell

Play (Director) - Men are Beasts by Bruno Sousa (Dir. Bruno Sousa)

Awards - Best Original Script

2016 Brussels (Fringe)

Play - Wedding Toast by Laura Mannino, performed by Sandra Regenboden

2015 Hamburg

Adjudicator - Mike Tilbury

Play (Director) - A Friend of a Friend by Bruno Sousa (Dir: Bruno Sousa)

Nominations - Hayley Letori (Best Actress)

2014 Mamer, Luxemburg (Fringe)

Play (Director) - Trail of Stones by Gwen Strauss (Dir: Ruth Armstrong

2013 The Hague

Adjudicator - Colin Dolley

Play (Director) - Black Horse by Bruno Sousa (Dir: Melanie Zander)

Awards - Best Stage Management, Best Original Script

Nominations - Mark Grundy (Best Actor)

2013 The Hague (Fringe)

Play (Director) - The Way of all Fish by Elaine May (Dir: Ruth Armstrong)

2012 Antwerp (Fringe)

Play (Director) - Water Under the Bridge by Bruno Sousa (Dir: Bruno Sousa)

2011 Geneva

Adjudicator - Tony Rushforth

Play (Director) - Revenge by Curt Goetz (Dir: Melanie Zander

Awards - Best Stage Management

Nominations - Eric Beveridge (Best Actor)

2010 Bad Homburg

Adjudicator - Jan Palmer Sayer

Play (Director) - White Liars by Peter Shaffer (Dir: Alastair McDonald

Awards - Melanie Zander (Best Actress), Best Stage Management

2004 Antwerp

Adjudicator - Colin Dolley

Play (Director) - Playing with Fire by August Strindberg (Dir: David Andrews)

2001 The Hague

Adjudicator - Jeannie Russel

Play (Director) - Birdsong by James Saunders (Dir: Alastair McDonald/David Andrews)

Nominations - Alastair McDonald (Best Actor)

1999 Geneva

Adjudicator - Scott Marshall

Play (Director) - Epitaph for a Hard Man by Evelyn Hood (Dir: Alastair McDonald)

Awards - Best Stage Management

1997 Brussels

Adjudicator - Irene Rostron

Play (Director) - I Spy by John Mortimer (Dir: David Andrews)

Nominations - Rosemary Pickersgill (Best Actress)

1994 Luxembourg

Adjudicator - Tom Martin

Play (Director) - Green Forms by Alan Bennett (Dir: John Evans)

1992 Brussels

Adjudicator - Anthony Cornish

Play (Director) - The Dock Brief by John Mortimer (Dir: David Andrews)

Awards - Alastair McDonald (Best Actor), Best Stage Presentation