A Bold Stroke!


Sound and Lighting — John Kimbley (Çağın Güdücü)

Stage Manager (week 1) — Guido Colangeli

Stage Manager (week 2) — Carlo Ghisi

Assistant Stage Manager (week 1) — Saahil Nayyer

Assistant Stage Manager (week 2) — Guido Colangeli

Hair and Makeup - Logan Geider

Producer — Kiri Wood

Director — Sarah Blake

November 23rd, 24th, 25th, 29th, 30th, December 1st 2023 @ 19:30

Theater im Pädagog

Pädagogstraße 5, 64283 Darmstadt

A new comedy by Sarah Blake, whose previous original works include Five Clever Courtesans, The Molly Room and Muscle Memory.  www.soundscurious.net 

It’s 1815, the Napoleonic Wars are over, and London is full of dashing ex-soldiers, looking to make their fortune. At the same, the charming heiress, Miss Anne Lovely, is on the hunt for a husband… but any man who wishes to woo her first needs to get past her three formidable guardians! Will true love prevail? Find out in this madcap comedy of crafty plots and daring disguises!

This play will be produced as a rehearsed reading. Suitable for older children.

Cast (in order of appearance):

Sensible - Saahil Nayyar/Carlo Ghisi

Hapless - Guido Colangeli

Mrs Sackbut - Kiri Wood

Colonel Fainwell - Sean Stellingwerff

John Freeman - Pete Collins

Miss Anne Lovely - Louisa Schneider

Betty - Lilli Scharnow

Miss Prim - Luke Lucas

Lady Beaumode - Ruth Armstrong

Suzette - Lorna Putze

Lady Periwinkle - Hayley Letori

Chaplain Cheeseshanks - Tom Cowell

Mr Pentyprose - Vivek Gopalakrishnan

Simon Pure - Rick Blake/Eric Beveridge

How to get to Theater in Pädagog

Googlemaps link 

The nearest parking garage is Justus-Liebig Parkhaus, but there are also plenty of garages in the town centre (C&A/Saturn, Luisencenter, Wilhelmin, Carree etc) 

There is limited street parking available. 

Public transport: Tram 2 and 9 stop at Darmstadt Schulstraße, which is a 2 minute walk. DA Schloß tram stop (multiple tram and bus options) is a 5 minute walk.

The theater is wheelchair accessible. If you need assistance, please let us know if advance so we can organise the lift and seats.

Music credits — all recordings are in the Public Domain.:

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