Carlo Enrico Ghisi

Nationality: Italian


Italian by birth (Milano, 1985), engineer by passion (System Operation Engineer for the GOCE mission at ESOC) and "actor" by nature.

Theatrical Career:

ESOC Theatre Club - Actor:


Stage Crew

Productions prior to ESOC (in Italian):

  • 2010 - Molto rumore per nulla (Much ado about nothing) [W. Shakespeare]

  • 2008 - Le ragazze del maggio (The girls of May) [Original script by Andrea Nao inspired by Kurt Vonnegut's "Breakfast of Champions" and finalist at the festival "Schegge d'autore"]

  • 2007 - Elena, il mito (Ellen, the myth) [Original script by Andrea Nao]

  • 2006 - Forte, piano [Original script by Andrea Nao on the invention of the piano]

High School productions (in Italian):

  • 2003 - Muri (Walls) [Original script, directed by Loris Contarini]

  • 2002 - Candide, o l'ottimismo (Candide, or The Optimist) [Voltaire] --> winner of the award "Studenti in palcoscenico" [directed by Loris Contarini]

  • 2001 - Tutto si muove.....anch'io (Everything is too) [Original script, directed by Loris Contarini]

  • 2000 - E' quel che e' (It's what it is) [Original script, directed by Loris Contarini]

The 39 Steps, November 2016

The Shadow Box, 2015

Business Lunch at the Russian Tea Room, 2012

Trail of Stones, 2013

Wyrd Sisters, 2011

Ideal Husband, 2016

Frankenstein the Panto, 2014

Black Horse, 2013

A Friend of a Friend, 2015