We won the award for best Stage Management at the 2011 FEATS in Geneva (together with the Stockholm Players) and Eric Beveridge was nominated as best actor!


Directed by Melanie Zander

  • Stage Manager: Dick Waite

  • Stage Hands: Henry Walls

  • Lights & Sound: Mark Grundy

  • Props: Moira Grundy

  • Make-up: Ruth Armstrong

  • Poster: Bruno Sousa

  • Production: Melanie Zander, Mark Grundy

Curt Goetz (1888 –1960) was a German-Swiss playwright, actor and director. He was regarded as one of the most brilliant comedy writers and actors of his time in the German-speaking world before and after World War II. Together with his wife Valérie von Martens (his “betrothed beloved”) he acted in his own plays, of which four were also made into films. He was a distant relative of the Irish writer George Bernard Shaw, with whose sensitive comedies his own were often compared.

The gentleness of Goetz’s comedies and his charming portrayal of the different views on morals are beautifully portrayed in “Revenge”, one of his last plays, written in the late 1950s.

Having been asked by FEATS to participate at the 2011 festival at short notice, we were very happy to take the opportunity to present our English translation one of Curt Goetz's plays to a European audience.