Sandra Regenbogen

Nationality: German


Sandra was born in Hamburg in 1969 but soon abducted by her parents who decided the Rhein-Main area was a much better base for flying folk. With the exception of 4 years as a boarding school inmate in Bavaria, she basically spent her life in and around Frankfurt.

Except for a quick dip of the toe into thespian waters at ages 3 (no recollection whatsoever, but there is photographic evidence), 5 (first Sleeping Beauty on record to pick her nose during the performance) and 11 (a dancing skeleton in Aladdin's Cave by way of her ballet class), Sandra only notably picked up acting at the tender age of 28. Some say her enthusiasm for this trade must therefore clearly come from a desire to make up for lost time. Sandra, however, knows it to be a simple case of addiction that you are never too old to kick off and that will cease when the sun revolves around the moon.

Theatrical Career ESOC Theatre Group:

Theatrical Career FEST

Theatrical Career tls

"The Shadow Box" (2015)

"Hereiss" (2011)

"Bedroom Farce" (2014)

The 39 Steps, 2016

Farndale, 2016

Farndale, 2016

Farndale, 2016

The Fringe at FEATS 2016

"Happy Birthday Uncle Walter" (2000)