Don't Blame it on the Boots

20th, 21st and 22nd April 2006

Cast of Characters:

  • Ophelia (an actress) - Kassia Aksenov

  • Liz (the costume lady) - Stacey Arthur

  • Eric (an actor) - Ivan Aksenov

  • Kate (the director) - Michele Zentar

Directed and Produced by Alastair McDonald

Stage Crew / Construction - Nigel Link, David Andrews, Neil Burdett, Anthony Crowson, Stefano de Padova, Kevin Kewin, Robin Link, Mark Loveday, Alastair McDonald, Adam Miller, Gerti Schneider, Bruno Sousa and Dick Waite

Lighting and Sound - Kevin Kewin

Props and Costumes - Patricia Bowen

Makeup - Michele Zentar

Don’t Blame It On The Boots. No-one would have blamed it on the boots if only... Kate had produced Macbeth instead of Hamlet, Ophelia hadn't been so attractive and naive, Eric had been blessed with smaller feet, Liz's father hadn't been a professional Shakespearean actor who had worn those self-same boots.