Black Horse - The Way of all Fish

Black Horse

directed by Melanie Zander


Black Horse is Bruno's second play to be produced by the ESOC Theatre Group, after the successful production of Water Under the Bridge in the Spring of 2012, in Darmstadt and Antwerp.

The play, in the form of a satire, hinges on 2 main premises, postulated by eminent modern scholars and thinkers:

  • Healing is a process that goes beyond technology: It is an ancient, intimate, non-sexual, act of love between human beings, where all involved are transformed by it. It requires rituals, including touching (see Dr. Abraham Verghese).

  • Sometimes everything is peaches & cream and then shit happens, and vice-versa: Life is more arbitrary than we like to think (see Dr. Nassim Nicholas Taleb) .

The resulting plot mixes tragedy and humor and is set in a "not so distant" future, where the traditional family doctor or general practitioner, as we still know, has been made obsolete by technology and excessive specialization, and is regarded as a sort of mystic shaman, or tribal druid. Bacteria spreads easily as a result of developed resistance to antibiotics, thus nursing general public phobia. People without a private medical insurance are criminalized and left to their fate outside the main stream system. Against this background two men struggle to find their place and restore their hopes.

About the Author

Bruno is a soon-for-the-third-time father (all boys) and a spacecraft engineer (Solar Orbiter), and has been a member of the ESOC Theatre Group for almost 10 years, during which period he has acted in several plays, including two appearances at FEATS, directed once, chaired the group, and since 2009 enjoys writing plays - for his own pleasure and for the entertainment of his friends and fellow theater enthusiasts.

Music Score

Fairytale Waltz by Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Healer Mark Grundy

Man Jens Raymaekers

Cleaner Claire Beadman-Lakey

Girl Jessica Wright

Agent Smith Carlo Enrico Ghisi

Agent Anderson Pedro Nabais

Neighbour Lydia Bridge

Another Man Rauno Ots


Assistant Director Claudia Tranquilli

18-20 April & 24-27 April 2013

19:30 hrs

West Side Theatre

The Way of all Fish

directed by Ruth Armstrong


'The Way Of All Fish' is part of a trilogy of One-Act plays called 'Power Play' by Elaine May and Alan Arkin. In 'The Way Of All Fish', May explores the power relationship between a high flying executive and her secretary when they share an unexpected evening in the office. "All the rules are changed" in this deliciously dark comedy which will entertain and excite you!

About the Author

Elaine May is an American film director, playwright, screen writer and actress. She was an incredibly influential actress in 1950's America, and renowned for her improvisational comedy routines with Mike Nichols.


Ms. Margaret Asquith Hayley Letori

Miss Joan Riverton Alexandra Sokolowski

Crew for both shows

Stage Manager - Andy Johnstone

Backstage Crew

Light & Sound - Ulrike Johnstone

Set Design - Andy Johnstone, Bruno Sousa

Costume Design - Andy Johnstone, Moira Grundy

Poster Design - Ulrike Johnstone

Prompt - Peter Bridge

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