24th, 25th of March 2001

Cast of Characters:

Directed by Alastair McDonald

Assistant Director David Andrews

Stage Manager - Simon Allan

Stage Design - Nigel Link

Stage Construction - Simon Allan, David Andrews, Helmut Dahmen, Ottmar Eberling, Alan Flowers, Alastair McDonald, Adam Miller, Harald Rauschkolb, Henry Walls

Lighting and Sound - Kevin Kewin

Costumes/Props - Patricia Bowen, Rosemary Pickersgill

Makeup - Elke Hamburger

Producer - Alastair McDonald

“Birdong” by James Saunders is a black comedy, set in a freshly cleaned birdcage. The cage’s two regular occupants, Joey and Tinker, are very happy and contented cage birds. Their days are filled with long and largely meaningless philosophical discussions, interspersed with some whistling and heavy work-outs on the see-saw.

This rather idyllic lifestyle is interrupted by the unexpected introduction into the cage of Trixie, a much more troublesome, rebellious bird. Initially attracted to her, the two males begin to realise that Trixie is going to make life increasingly uncomfortable for them, until she is set free.

But Tinker has a plan…