Frankenstein the Panto

by David Swan

13, 14, 19, 20 & 21 February 2014 at 19:00

15 & 22 February 2014 at 14:30

West Side Studio


It’s a hard Life for little orphan Heidi in the Pumpernickel’s Tavern. The greedy innkeeper and his bossy wife treat her like a slave. And that’s not all... up in the castle, gormless Count Dracula and his gummy grandmother are planning a dinner party, with Heidi as the main course! Luckily, she’s got the audience and other friends to help: her faithful dog Santa, her best friend Frankie Stein and the handsome Prince Ludwig. The forces of evil never stand a chance... especially when Professor Crackpot transforms Frankie into a Superhero! The only real horrors are a party of rowdy schoolgirls under the supervision of Miss Nelly, famed pedagogue and pantomime dame. They’re Studying how to create havoc..... And they are all fast learners!


Herr Pumpernickel - Mark Grundy

Frau Pumpernickel - Moira Grundy

Frankie - Rauno Ots

Heidi - Hannah Beaven

Santa - Ethan Peterson

Buckles - Michael Morgan

Prince Ludwig - Hayley Letori

Professor Crackpot - Carlo Ghisi

Miss Nelly - Alastair McDonald

Bridget Bloggs - Claudia Tranquilli

Mabel Crumb - Katie Walsh

Agnes Swipe - Isabel Armstrong-Cowell

Ethel Ready - Lucy Beavan

Constance Swat - Jessica Wright

Dracula - Michael Hawkshaw

Granula - Emma Wright


Andreas Boosz, Natali Melgarejo Diaz, Suzanne Glannville, Daniel Lakey, Cathrin Enke, Paul Tharagonnet, Jens Raymaekers, Pamela Schöebel-Pattiselanno, Linda Morrey