Phase 3 ½  - A Subsonic Romance & Lady Luck

Thursday 11th, Friday 12th, Saturday 13th May 2023 @19:30

Thursday 18th, Friday 19th, Saturday 20th May 2023 @19:30

'Lady Luck' will also be performed in the main competition at FEATS 2023 in Bad Homburg


Directed by Stuart Marlow


Cast (in order of appearance)

Paula - Nikki Horn

Robbie - Pete Collins

Amrisha - Claire Beadman-Lakey

Martino - Guido Colangeli


Written by Stuart Marlow

Sound Designer - Christopher Parkinson


Research scientists and keen house pet keepers, Paula and Robbie, are constantly half splitting up and half getting back together. Robbie lives in an apartment on a science campus, sandwiched between a noisy rocket testing centre, a busy metro-station and an ancient Celtic burial site. Because Robbie insists on keeping his pet chinchillas in the bedroom, their scratching pushes noise-sensitive Paula over her noise tolerance limit. This means Paula always insists on returning home alone across the campus on foot, in the middle of the night. The play opens as rumours abound of ancient Celtic spirits unleashed by the close proximity of the rocket centre terrorising the campus. Yet the jealous spirits really haunting Paula and Robbie are those of their ex-lovers, Martino and Amrisha! 

Directed by Hayley Letori


Cast (in order of appearance)

Christine - Claudia Tranquilli

Martin - Donald Phillips

Linda - Kiri Wood

Roger - Rick Blake

DS Thomas Harrison - Vivek Gopalakrishnan

(for FEATS the role of Linda will be played by Hayley Letori)


Written by John Lewis


What could possibly go wrong when you give a friend a lottery ticket for their birthday? Winning is 1 in 45 million after all... 

This original comedy drama explores what happens when you beat the odds, and how far some people will go to claim what they think is theirs! Who will end up the loser, and who will come out on top?

Stage Manager for Darmstadt - Gerrit-Milena Falker

Stage Manager for FEATS - Carlo Enrico Ghisi

Stage Crew - Mechthild Köhl, Inara Letori-Doyle, Carlo Ghisi

Sound and Lighting - Nuno Carvalho