Workshops in Summer 2014

Post date: 12-May-2014 20:07:40

As recently announced the ETG will be offering workshop during the early summer and in summer. The offered selection is based on the members's vote from last month and depends on the availability of workshop presenters as well as suitable venues. But: we have managed the first two workshops to offer!

Regular Voice Classes

We have started with a regular Voice Class on Tuesday evenings, held at ESOC at 18:00 hrs. Sarah Blake is leading the classes that help to control your voice, learn how to project and much more!

Make-up Workshop

A Make-Up workshop led by Lars Heine from FEST will be held on Sunday 29th June most likely at the Westside Theatre. This workshop is currently full but if anyone drops out then we'll let you all know. Conversely if anyone who signed up for this date can no longer make it then let us know.

Improvisation Workshop

An Improvisation Workshop led by Abigail Paul from Theatre Language Studio Frankfurt will be held on Saturday 12th July again most likely at the Westside Theatre. There are still a few places on this one and a doodle link has been sent by email to our members.

As usual, the Workshop and regular classes are open to all members of the club. The workshop registrations are based on a first-come-first-serve basis. Of course, also non-members are welcome to join, however priority will always be given to members. Should there be places in workshops left for non-members, we charge a slightly higher fee for the workshops. For more information contact the committee at