Stammtisch and Play reading on 9 April

Post date: 02-Apr-2014 17:36:40

We will be meeting again for a Stammtisch on 9 April 2014, starting at 6 pm. This time, we are going to try out a new venue: the Restaurant Sardegna (Kahlertstraße 1, 64293, Darmstadt, Germany - look at the map how to get there). As usual, the Stammtisch is also open to non-members.

Since we are already in the selection process for our November play, we will be reading one of the proposed plays.

Ruth Armstrong will be presenting A View from a Bridge, by Arthur Miller and here are a few words from Ruth about the play:


A Two Act play. Powerful, passionate and contemporary - this play deals with the hard currency of social realism and tragedy. The time period is 1950's America, but the themes are timeless; self deception, the nature of love, loyalty and the law ( particularly immigration). The play has a lot of tension and drama - it keeps the audience thinking. Although it is a tragedy, there are light moments too, humour and warmth.

I really like this play because it deals with real issues in real time, it's very accessible for an audience. It's about a family, a coming of age, mis-directed love and the havoc that results. It's about change, personal and social and the pain and responsibility that each brings. It's also really exciting and ends with a knife fight .

I first read and studied this play when I was at University in 1987 - I've loved it ever since. I've seen brilliant and not so brilliant productions of it and I've taught it in schools at GCSE English Lit. I feel we have the talent in our group to to make this timeless piece of Theatre work and I would love the opportunity to make that happen.