Stammtisch - Men are Beasts and Women are Cruel

Post date: 20-Nov-2016 14:29:03

30th November, 19:00, West Side Theatre

by Bruno Sousa

These two one-act plays portray two cases of people dealing with the pains of a not too long ago broken relationship. One from the point of view of a woman, mother of two, facing the hardships of having become a single parent, while the man, ever a child, goes off to look for greener pastures, as she believes. And the other from the point of view of a man, who never saw the breakup coming and can't come to terms with the sudden condition of having become a mere stranger to his former best half.

For the first play I got inspiration from a chronicle called: "My youngest son" by a well-known Portuguese writer called Antonio Lobo Antunes. In two or three places I actually quote his own text as I found it so insightful ("I was living with 3 children and my husband was the youngest"), Also the usage of "breaking the fourth wall" is derived from that text which was written in the first person. And I also drew inspiration from my own mother, who became a single parent at a very young age, having known and been with my father since they were very young. The second play actually drew its inspiration from the song "Somebody that I used to know" by Gotye. It always struck me as amazing this possibility of people transitioning from intimate to total strangers in a matter of a small instant, and how awkward it is to accept that one person now has a totally different life that doesn't include the other?