Spring/Summer Activities

Post date: 19-Mar-2014 18:26:22

Due to the recent decision not to put on a production in April/ May, the Theatre Club will be offering some interesting workshops for members and those who would want to get to know the Group. If you are a member or interested in these activities you can participate in the doodle for the Spring/Summer activities this year as follows:

  1. Directing Workshop

  2. Improvisation Workshop

  3. Stage Fighting Workshop

  4. Backstage (including sound/lighting/set design) Workshop

  5. Voice Classes (Regular or Adhoc)

  6. Hair & Make-up Workshop

  7. Review (linked to one or more workshops)

  8. Photo Shoot Day

  9. Video Day

  10. Multiple Play Reading Day

  11. Directors and Sound and Lighting Workshops and Performance

  12. Choral Reading Workshop & Performance

  13. Children's Theatre Workshops

  14. Summer Party/Review

Based on your choice the Club will try to organise some of these workshops. If anything is unclear or you want more information then just email us. You can also use the "Add a comment" function on the Doodle itself to express yourself.

You will notice that there is significant overlap between some of the activities for example 1, 4 and 11 so fell free to express interest in everything that catches your eye.

Participation is open to all but priority will be given to members of the Theatre Group. If there are free places on any of the events then non-members will be able to take part for a slightly higher fee, alternative you can find details about becoming a member on the membership page.