Reading together: Stammtisch 2012-11-27

Post date: 26-Nov-2012 14:00:59

On Tuesday November 27th at 18:00, we will be reading Bruno's new play 'The Black Horse' which will be our FEATS entry next year. We kindly invite you to visit us at ESOC's room K112 to sit together and become someone else!

As we are at ESOC instead of the restaurant it would be nice if everyone could bring some food to share and we can have a DIY meal. Please let us know what you are bringing so we can make sure we don't end up with a dozen packets of crisps and nothing else. Remember as well, if you are not an ESOC on-site employee, to arrange a host within the theatre group or bring the corresponding social club badge with you. Write an eMail to us in case of any inquiry. See you on Tuesday!