November production: Blithe Spirit

Post date: 25-May-2014 13:18:46

In November, the ESOC Theatre Group is going to perform "Blithe Spirit" by Noel Coward. Our member and first-time director Samuel Peterson is inviting members and those who want to become a member of the group to join the auditions!

The auditions will be held on Tuesday 3rd and Thursday 5th June starting at 1800, Monday 16th and Wednesday 18th June starting at 1800.

Call Backs will be held the last week of June in the evening by invitation.

Rehearsals are planned for evenings (17:30-20:30). A rehearsal schedule will be developed after casting is complete based on availability of the cast. As the production draws near (late October and early November) there may also be a need for some Saturday and/or Sunday (circa 13:00‑16:00) rehearsal.

The Play

Blithe Spirit is a comic play by Noël Coward which takes its title from Shelley's poem "To a Skylark". The play was first seen in the West End in 1941, creating a new long-run record for non-musical British plays of 1,997 performances. It also did well on Broadway later that year, running for 657 performances. Blithe Spirit has also been adapted into radio, television, and film productions as well as a musical version called High Spirits. The play has had several West End and Broadway revivals in the 1970s and 1980s and was revived again in London in 2004, 2011 and 2014. The play is divided into 3 acts with 2-3 scenes per act totalling 7 scenes.


In preparation for his upcoming novel about the occult, Charles Condomine decides to hold a séance at his residence. Madame Arcati is a medium who leads the séance which is attended by Charles, his wife Ruth, and their friends Dr. and Mrs. Bradman. During the séance, Charles’ first wife Elvira is summoned back from beyond the grave. At first, Charles is the only one who can see Elvira which leads to some fun situation comedy when both wives are on stage, but Ruth cannot see Elvira. Eventually, Ruth dies in an automobile accident which Elvira arranged to try to get Charles to join her in the afterlife. In the final act of the play, both women are ghosts and Madame Arcati attempts to return them to the other side. Blithe Spirit is a hauntingly original comedy by Noel Coward.

A production page with more information will be online soon. All members have already received the interest sheet through our distribution list. Should you have been missed out, make sure you are registered as member or contact the committee to receive the interest sheet and full information on the upcoming production.