November production

Post date: 20-Jun-2016 18:03:26

On 16th June, the Committee were presented with the 2 options for the November production. These were 'The 39 Steps' presented by Carlo Ghisi and Hayley Letori and 'The Day They Kidnapped the Pope' presented by Alex Sokolowski.

Both presentations were very strong and we were very impressed with all 3 of the potential Directors.

After the presentations, the Committee (minus Carlo and Hayley) discussed and decided that the ETG's November Production 2016 will be 'The 39 Steps' by Patrick Barlow, John Buchan.

If you would like to be involved in this play, either as an actor, or Stage Manager/Producer/Prop Manager/Sound Effect Performer/Sound and Lighting, please complete the interest form and send it to Hayley at and Carlo at

More information can be found here