Backstage stabbing at the next Stammtisch

Post date: 19-Oct-2014 15:34:31

Sex! Scandal! Scheming! It’s quite shocking what those actor-types get up to…

If you want to find out more, join us on 5 November 2014, starting at 19:00 hrs at the West Side Theatre for the next Stammtisch. We will be reading "The Wisdom of Eve"by Mary Orr, presented by Sarah Blake. Here are a few words about the play from Sarah:

"The Wisdom of Eve’ by Mary Orr is set backstage in the vibrant, intense world of New York's Broadway theatres. Margo is a star of the stage – a magnificent actress who has won countless awards and accolades for her riveting performances. Clement is her husband, a brilliant and successful theatre producer. Karen is Margot’s best friend and also the wife of Lloyd – the best playwright on Broadway, who has written several starring roles for Margo.

Between them, these four friends have the entire theatre world at the feet… but then they meet Eve. Eve Harrington… the lonely, humble fan, who goes to see Margo perform night after night, because she has nowhere else to go. Where has Eve come from? What is her story? And what will happen when she is drawn into the charmed circles of brilliant, bitchy Broadway?

This is a two-act comedy-drama with ten parts in total. For the film buffs among you, it’s also the play that inspired the Oscar-winning film 'All About Eve', starring Bette Davis. I do it would be a fun play to read at a Stammtisch, so come and join me for some biting satire and backstage backstabbing."