Audio Theatre Workshop Announcement

Post date: 24-Apr-2015 12:29:07

Before we release our audience from the April production into the next season we are happy to announce that there will be a lot of other interesting activities in between the productions. One of them is an Audio Workshop run by a professional actor, Sarah Blake.

Which play?

The team will be will be working on 'An Ideal Husband' by Oscar Wilde – creating an audio version that will be recorded in a professional sound studio, and will then be made available on CD and online.

Why Audio Workshop?

The workshop will be a great opportunity for interested group members to work with a professional director and learn some professional techniques, which will increase your on–stage confidence and give you the tools to take your performances to the next level. It's also a chance for members who are inexperienced – or who don't yet feel confident enough to go on stage – to get involved and develop some skills in a supportive and creative environment, without the pressure of learning lines.

The next steps

Sarah is currently adapting the play into an audio script and will be auditioning for enthusiastic cast and crew next month. Once the team is assembled, the cast will meet for weekly–ish rehearsals throughout June and July. Rehearsal times will be flexible to a point – however, the sound studio is already booked and the recording date cannot be moved...

Save the Date

...So here's a head's up! If you would like to be a part of the production, then make sure you're around for the weekend of 1st and 2nd August! That is the weekend we will be recording :)

Further details and a casting breakdown will follow soon...

Update 15 May 2015: Cast, Crew and Audition dates for OScar Wilde's "An Ideal Husband" - adapted for an Audio production by Sarah Blake.