Announcing our 2015 November production!

Post date: 31-May-2015 18:19:26

We have just come back from our performance at FEATS and it is time to look ahead into this year's November production. After a selection process, involving our members and an Artistic Subcommittee, the vote has been given to present

"The Shadow Box" by Michael Christopher,

to be directed by Dave Andrews

About the play

Every day on the TV, in the news, in theatres and in cinemas we are confronted with criminality, murder , rape, corpses and people being hacked to pieces in all manner of ways etc. etc.....all this belonging to normal entertainment. For the vast majority of us, suchlike experiences have never and, hopefully, will never become personal. In contrast, Michael Cristofer's drama 'The Shadow Box' deals with something we will all experience sooner or later, namely death. The play is set in a hospice, where three terminally ill people live in cottages and are visited by family and close friends. In fact, the play is not about death at one dies in marked contrast to many classical and modern dramas.....rather it deals with the relationships between the characters, how family and friends cope with terminal illness and , above all, the old adage 'carpe diem'.

The cast, set and prizes

There are 8 characters(4m, 4f) plus a voice over, a range of ages and great scope for character acting. Stage setting is simple. 'The Shadow Box' was first presented in the US (Los Angeles) in 1977 and won the Tony award for best play and a Pulitzer prize.

Read through before auditions

Dave has suggested to meet for a read-through before auditions to be held at a day where most members are available. Should you wish to participate, please state your availability through the doodle. Auditions will be announced separately.

Planned rehearsal schedule

All those interested in auditioning for "The Shadow Box" should bear in mind that rehearsals will be held during July, August, the first 3 weeks of September, the last 3 weeks of October and November up to the performance.