Thursday, March 30th at 19:30

"Copenhagen" by Michael Frayn

TONY AWARD WINNER • An explosive re-imagining of the mysterious wartime meeting between two Nobel laureates to discuss the atomic bomb. 

In 1941 the German physicist Werner Heisenberg made a clandestine trip to Copenhagen to see his Danish counterpart and friend Niels Bohr. Their work together on quantum mechanics and the uncertainty principle had revolutionized atomic physics. But now the world had changed and the two men were on opposite sides in a world war. Why Heisenberg went to Copenhagen and what he wanted to say to Bohr are questions that have vexed historians ever since. In Michael Frayn’s ambitious, fiercely intelligent, and daring new play Heisenberg and Bohr meet once again to discuss the intricacies of physics and to ponder the metaphysical—the very essence of human motivation. 

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Thursday, April 20th at 19:30

"Murder Beyond the Sundial" by Stuart Marlow

Come and join join DC Vivek Jansen in his search for the truth behind the "Murder beyond the Sundial':


On the eve of an Anglophone writers' conference in an ancient monastery, controversial Italian author Enrico Calabrese is found bludgeoned to death in the monastery garden. According to the local Chief Superintendent, it is clear case of random mugging. Yet was Enrico more likely to have been the victim of a conspiracy? After all, he had been a womaniser, a Marxist revolutionary, and renegade anti-Mafia campaigner.  As everybody present at this unusually radical conference harbours dark secrets and passionate resentments, to the sharp minded Vivek, they are all potential suspects. But he has very strict instructions to do no more than take simple statements, relating to a fatal mugging. 


Things take on a new twist when he becomes totally infatuated with Enrico Calbrese’s sister Sabina as she arrives as next of kin, to identify the body. With the help of a former drinking buddy, security officer Jake Henry, Enrico discovers Sabina may be destined to become head of the very Mafia clan her brother had been attacking, From that moment on, Vivek begins to experience a a radical change in his own personality.   

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