Weekend Breaks

12th, 13th and 14th October 2000

“Weekend Breaks” by John Godber, one of Britain’s foremost modern playwrights, explores the complex relationship between a thirty-six year old theatre studies teacher and his elderly parents.

Martin Dawson (separated from his wife and two children after an affair) has invited his parents, Joan and Len, to visit him over the weekend in the Lake District, where he has rented a cottage. This “enjoyable” weekend break evolves into an opportunity for the release of the pent-up frustrations of a lifetime. 

Godber combines humour with a serious commentary on age, communication and life in general. “Weekend Breaks” is a more introspective play than some of Godber’s earlier pieces. 
Cast of Characters: 
Director - David Andrews 

Stage Manager - Henry Walls 
Stage Hands - Patricia Bowen, Simon Kellett, Nigel Link 
Stage Design - Nigel Link 
Construction - David Andrews, Patricia Bowen Alastair McDonald, Henry Walls 
Lighting and Sound - Kevin Kewin, Alan Flowers Costumes/Props - Patricia Bowen 
Makeup - Elke Hamburger 
Prompt - Olive de Padova, Rosemary Pickersgill Production - Alastair McDonald