An Evening of David Ives

Poster design: Bruno Sousa

"Bolero" was also brought to FEATS 2019 on Sunday June 2nd. CLICK HERE for the written adjudication.

"Babel's in Arms" was also be performed on Friday 3rd May at the Mollerhaus in Darmstadt, as part of the European 'sister cities' weekend. Government delegates from cities twinned with Darmstadt were invited for a weekend workshop, and they asked the Babel cast to perform for them for their Friday night entertainment!
Babel’s in Arms
Director David Andrews

This comedy focusses on two blue-collar Mesopotamian construction workers who are handed a provocative task: Build the Tower of Babel—or else.

Cannaphlit - Eric Beveridge
Businesswoman - Olga Pryadilova
Priestess - Ruth Armstrong
Eunuch - Claudio Pinna

Director Mark Grundy

A psychological thriller unfolds when a woman's world threatens to come apart in the middle of the night, as she and her husband hear strange sounds and voices coming through their bedroom wall.

Man - Jeff Book

Time Flies
Director David Andrews

In this hilarious one-act play, two mayflies try to make the most of their short time on Earth.

Horace - Donald Phillips
Sir David Attenborough - Eric Beveridge