A night on the tiles

18th, 19th and 20th September 2003

“A Night on the Tiles” by Frank Vickery, is a comedy written in 1987 based around a British working class family of three generations. Preparations are well under way for the marriage of one of the two sons, Gareth, to Shirley. And not a minute too soon, as Shirley is already pregnant. 

But who is the father? The play skillfully entwines elements of typical British humour, farce and romance with a serious look at family tensions and how sometimes deceit or even just silence can destroy a relationship.

Cast of Characters:
Directed by Alastair McDonald 

Assistant Director Melanie Zander 
Stage Manager - Dick Waite 
Stage Design - Nigel Link 
Construction - Simon Allan, Rick Blake, Patricia Bowen, Lucy Edge, Kevin Kewin, Alastair McDonald,       Adam Miller, Ekaterina Popova, Dick Waite, Henry Walls 
Stage Artwork - Anthony Crowson 
Lighting and Sound - Kevin Kewin, Neil Burdett, Mark Loveday 
Props - Patricia Bowen 
Costumes - Patricia Bowen, Sabine De Clercq 
Makeup - Elke Hamburger 
Production - Alastair McDonald, Sabine De Clercq, Melanie Zander