Frankenstein the Panto

by David Swan
13, 14, 19, 20 & 21 February 2014 at 19:00 
15 & 22 February 2014 at 14:30
West Side Studio

It’s a hard Life for little orphan Heidi in the Pumpernickel’s Tavern. The greedy innkeeper and his bossy wife treat her like a slave. And that’s not all... up in the castle, gormless Count Dracula and his gummy grandmother are planning a dinner party, with Heidi as the main course! Luckily, she’s got the audience and other friends to help: her faithful dog Santa, her best friend Frankie Stein and the handsome Prince Ludwig. The forces of evil never stand a chance... especially when Professor Crackpot transforms Frankie into a Superhero! The only real horrors are a party of rowdy schoolgirls under the supervision of Miss Nelly, famed pedagogue and pantomime dame. They’re Studying how to create havoc..... And they are all fast learners!

Directed by Mark Loveday
Co-Director Asha Parmar

Herr Pumpernickel - Mark Grundy 
Frau Pumpernickel - Moira Grundy 
Frankie - Rauno Ots
Santa - Ethan Peterson 
Buckles - Michael Morgan
Prince Ludwig - Hayley Letori
Professor Crackpot - Carlo Ghisi
Miss Nelly - Alastair McDonald
Bridget Bloggs - Claudia Tranquilli
Mabel Crumb - Katie Walsh
Ethel Ready - Lucy Beavan
Constance Swat - Jessica Wright
Granula - Emma Wright

Andreas Boosz, Natali Melgarejo Diaz, Suzanne Glannville, Daniel Lakey, Cathrin Enke, Paul Tharagonnet, Jens Raymaekers, Pamela Schöebel-Pattiselanno, Linda Morrey