The Physicists

Friedrich Dürrenmatt's world famous play,

presented in English language
by James Kirkup).

HoffART-Theater Darmstadt,
19, 20, 21, 26, 27 & 28 May 2011 at 19:30
& matinee Sunday 22 May 2011 at 14:00

Getting to the HoffART


In view of recent events we have

decided to make a donation of 10%

of ticket income from The Physicists

to ESA's Humanitarian Relief Fund

for Japan.


The Physicists (Die Physiker) is a satirical drama, often recognized as the most impressive work of the Swiss writer Friedrich Dürrenmatt.
Set against the background of the Cold War and the many advances in science and nuclear technology, the play deals with questions of scientific ethics and mankind's ability to handle its intellectual responsibilities. Though set in the 1960s, the themes of the play are - unfortunately - timeless. The play was first performed in Zürich 1962 and has remained popular ever since.

The Physicists, May 2011


Watch two trailers produced by the
Theater AG of Ceciliengymnasium
Bielefeld for their prodution of this
play in 2010:

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Directed by Melanie Zander
  • Stage Management Team: Simon Allan, Henry Walls, Adam Miller
  • Stage Design: Nigel Link
  • Stage Building: Nigel Link, Dick Waite, Adam Miller, Simon Allan, Henry Walls, Eric Beverdige, Moira Grundy, Mark Grundy, Melanie Zander
  • Lights & Sound: Frank Albrecht, Stefano de Padova
  • Music: Kreutzer Sonata played by Natalia Lynch (violin) and Birgit Abt (piano),                violin solos played by Georg Bednarek
  • Props: Sara Gonzales, Moira Grundy
  • Costumes: Moira Grundy
  • Poster & Programme: Bruno Sousa,  Melanie Zander
  • Production: Melanie Zander, Mark Grundy
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