The Sea

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The Sea, 
by Edward Bond
9 and 10 November 2012
13 to 17 November 2012
at the West Side Theatre
Edward Bond's play 'The Sea' was written in 1973 and first performed at the Royal Court Theatre in London in the same year. 'The Sea' is a comedy set in a village on the east coast of England in 1907, shortly before the outbreak of the first world war. Writing to  a theatre director, Bond explains the message behind his play......'it's essentially about life's the sea, they come and wash over us whether we want them or's about insanity , chaos and sanity......'.  Indeed, a comedy of a peculiar kind.

Carlo Ghisi, Donald Phillips, Eric Beveridge, Mark Loveday, Andy Williams, Alastair Mcdonald, Mark Grundy, Ruth Armstrong, Hayley Letori, Emma Wright, Melanie Zander, Claudia Tranquilli, Alexandra Sokolowski, Hannah Beaven

Directed by David Andrews
  • Stage Manager: Dick Waite
  • Stage Building: Mark Grundy & co.
  • Lights & Sound: James Usnar & co. 
  • Props: Moira & Mark Grundy
  • Production: Moira Grundy