Blithe Spirit

by Noël Coward
13-15 and 19-22 November 2014
19:00 hrs
West Side Theatre

About the play
Novelist Charles Condomine invites a medium, Madam Arcati, to his house, hoping to gather some material for his next book. During the séance, however, the eccentric guest conjures up a spirit which turns out to be Charles' deceased wife Elvira. And she has a plan: To disrupt his second marriage with Ruth who cannot see or hear the ghost...

About the director
Sam is a first-time director. During Blithe Spirit he will be working with an experienced production team from the ESOC Theatre Group. He proposed "Blithe Spirit" to be produced by the Group because he knows the play quite well having played the part of Charles himself at school when he was 16 years old. He is excited to combine his experience in theatre as well as project management from his work at the European Space Agency at the helm of this production. And he is especially looking forward to the special effects...

Directed by Sam Peterson
Co-Director Alastair McDonald

Charles Condomine - Rick Blake
Ruth Condomine - Agnes Arden
Elvira Condomine - Alexandra Sokolowski
Madame Arcati - Melanie Zander
Dr. George Bradman - Michael Hawkshaw
Violet Bradman - Claudia Tranquilli

Stage Manager - Carlo Ghisi

In the original cast, Ruth was played by Claire Beadman-Lakey. Unfortunately, Claire had to pull out of the productione.