Puss in Boots

6th - 9th November 2019


Puss In Boots - casting breakdown

'Puss In Boots', by the critically-acclaimed writer, Angela Carter, is a comic radio play that mixes the traditional fairy tale of Puss In Boots with the plot of Rossini’s opera, ‘The Barber of Seville’. It tells the story of a characterful cat and his crafty master, who, with the aid of charm and trickery, set out to seduce a couple of pretty and witty ladies (one human, one feline) and make their fortunes into the bargain. The ESOC Theatre Group will be staging this hilarious comedy as a rehearsed reading for three nights from 6th-9th November, 2019, to be followed by an audio recording of the play, for posterity - and the director, Sarah Blake, is now looking for cast and crew!

Please note - 

1) This play has adult content and is definitely not suitable for children.

2) This is a very exuberant comedy - so all the roles have potential for great comic delivery and we’re looking for actors who will enjoy that.

3) Because this is a radio play, it will be staged as a rehearsed reading - meaning the cast will be able to read from their scripts and will not be in costume (but will still definitely be acting!).

4) The play has a fantasy/English pantomime quality to it, which makes cross-gender casting is a definite possibility - so regardless of your sex, if you like the sound of role, then go for it!

5) Auditions will be held during the first week of June - Mon 3rd- Fri 7th. Please fill in the doodle at the end of this breakdown (see link below), to list your availability.

6) This is a larger than life comedy that requires ‘big' performances (even from the smaller roles) - to get a sense of what’s required, read the play for yourself here

Call for participants:

1) Puss In Boots

A ginger tom cat with attitude! Puss is clever, witty, naughty, sly, ingenious and a master of trickery! He’s a natural showman and has some quite long comic speeches, so we’re looking for someone who is confident with their English, has great comic timing, and will relish the opportunity to play an unforgettable role. Suitable for male or female (in the pantomime ‘Principle Boy’ tradition) casting.

2) Hero

Poor, but charming and resourceful, the Hero makes his living by conning people at the casino and living on his wits. Once he teams up with Puss, the pair of them seem unstoppable… but when he meets the Heroine, this wise-guy suddenly discovers his noble side. Another very fun comic role for an actor who will enjoy playing a larger than life character.

3) Heroine

Far more than just a traditional fairy tale princess, the Heroine is witty, feisty and ready for anything. She has some very funny speeches and again, we’re looking for someone who will relish a comic role (and enjoy subverting the ‘heroine’ stereotype!).

4) Tabs

A female tabby cat, Tabs is a good-time girl with a lust for life, a cunning brain… and a fancy for ginger tom cats! This is a delightful comic role with great potential for someone who wants to show off their feline wiles!

5) The Hag

The shrivelled old crone who guards the Heroine - but who is allergic to cats. This is a smaller role, but very funny - especially if you want the opportunity to perfect your comedy sneeze! Suitable for female or male (in the ‘Pantomime Dame’ tradition) casting.

5) Panteleone

A nasty old miser, Pantelone is the ancient husband of the Heroine who won’t let her leave the house. A smaller - but very funny - role for some who will enjoy bringing to life this unpleasant old man with comedy timing and a characterful voice.

6) Doctor/Undertaker/Citizens

These are all small roles that could potentially be doubled up by the main cast - but they’re also a great chance for someone new to acting to join in and have a go, playing lots of different little roles (all comic) and using different voices!

7) Foley (Sound effects) Manager

Because this is going to be a live staged reading of a radio play, we’re also looking for someone to operate the live sound effects. Training will be given, but as you will be sitting on the stage and visible throughout the show, you will need to attend regular rehearsals, as you will be an indispensable part of the ensemble.

8) Musician

Any live musicians who are happy strumming a guitar and would enjoy being part of the live (on-stage) sound effects team are invited to get in touch!

Auditions and rehearsals

Auditions will be held after work, Tuesday 4th and Friday 7th June . Please fill in your complete auditioning availability for that week (with your full name, please!) on the confidential doodle here: 

Rehearsals will be scheduled approximately once per week (dates to be determined by participant availability), and will take a workshop format - giving participants the chance to learn some professional acting and performance techniques. 

If you have any questions (or you can’t make a formal audition date, but you’re still desperate to take part!), please email Sarah at: