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The next Stammtisch is not a pantomime

posted 3 Oct 2014, 05:11 by ESOC Theatre Group   [ updated 3 Oct 2014, 05:13 ]
The next Stammtisch will be held on Wednesday, 15 October 2014, starting at 7 pm. We will be meeting again at the West Side Theatre. One of our members, Andy Johnstone has suggested to read "The BFG" by Roald Dahl. Here are a few words from Andy about the play:

"The BFG is not a pantomime but a play aimed at families. It has some nice humour as well as some quite dark aspects that is typical of Roald Dahl. The story is about Sophie, a young but bright orphan girl who befriends a Big Friendly Giant. Together with her Majesty the Queen and several large helicopters, they save they day from Big Not-very-friendly Giants who eat children from all over the world (because different nationalities taste different).

The stage script is written as a play within a play, which I don't like, but cutting out the "let's perform the BFG right here" nonsense makes it a Whizzpoppingly* fun one-act play with plenty of small roles and some exciting effects for Q-Branch to work on."

*Whizzpoppers are farts. Great Big Farts. This play has aspects that are very much at my level of humour.