"Old Actors Never Die...They Simply Lose the Plot" by Lynn Brittney 
July 9th 19:00, The Curious Room


The Mount Home for Retired Theatricals is an unusual place - more like a country house hotel than a home for the elderly. As Juliet Sullivan says "Waited on hand and foot - no meals to prepare - beds made. Heaven!" And the manageress positively encourages residents to carry on working as long as they can.

So when Walter Neville (small part veteran of 212 films) arrives, he is overjoyed to find some of his best friends in residence. All is well until the serial womaniser husband of three of the residents (Mrs Sullivan 1, 2 and 3) goes missing - apparently on the run from Russian gangsters. The ladies decide that "He who pays the bills" must be rescued - but how to go about it?

What follows is a truly daft journey into the world of eccentric luvvies that provides some of the best comic roles for senior actors you are ever likely to come across!

"Business Lunch at the Russian Tea Room" by Christopher Durang
August 28th 19:00, The Curious Room


Stage Combat Workshop
with Philip d'Orleans
September 8th and 9th

We are very excited to announce that fight director, Philip d'Orleans, will be coming to Darmstadt in September to run a workshop on stage combat for ETG members! Philip is a Master Teacher with the British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat, has taught at more than 30 international workshops, and is a fight examiner with the BASSC, the Irish Dramatic Combat Academy, and Stage Combat Deutschland. His credits include Fight Director for the RSC production of Titus Andronicus (read his interview here), and he was recently involved in the Hollywood hit 'Pan' starring Hugh Jackman.

More details about the location, and a sign up Doodle will follow soon!

We are Three Sisters
by Blake Morrison
November 15th - 17th

A witty and thought provoking drama about passions of the body and of the mind.
Three sisters, fighting against history to have their voices heard - and succeeding!