In tribute to our dear friend, and a wonderful actress, Melanie Zander. We'll miss you. <3

Upcoming activities:
June 2nd - 5th


FEATS, the Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies, is a competitive festival amongst amateur English-language theatre groups based in continental Europe and takes place in a different city in late spring each year.

This year, we will be performing in the main competition on June 5th, taking our recent original play:


Teaser trailer for Men are Beasts

We will also be performing Women Are Cruel at the Fringe festival on the same day. 

Tickets and further information can be found here

Thursday, 15th June, 19:00

"Play it again, Sam" by Woody Allen

The play is about a recently divorced film magazine writer, Allan Felix, who is trying to restart his romantic life. Eventually he falls in love and has a brief affair with Linda, the wife of his best friend, Dick. During the course of the play, he repeatedly seeks advice from the ghost of his idol, Humphrey Bogart, but eventually decides that he needs to be himself rather than imitating Bogart. Telling Linda that the right thing for her to do is to return to her husband, Felix quotes the famous lines that Bogart delivers to Ingrid Bergman in the last scene of Casablanca.

- Drinks will be available to purchase in the studio. (As Zucker's concept is based on donations, everybody pays what he/she wants into the piggy bank.)
- We may bring our own food. There are various take-outs and bakeries just across the road. A group delivery can be arranged on the night.