Upcoming activities:
November production
Staged Reading of Neil Simon's 
The Odd Couple" (female version)
9th-11th and 23rd-25th November

The Odd Couple

Tickets available here

Olive, Florence and their friends meet every Friday night to play Trivial Pursuit, moan about their sex lives and reminisce about their schooldays. When Florence appears one night with the news that she and her husband have split up, Olive offers her a home… but will these two old friends be able to live with each other? 

Their personality clash unfolds in a vibrant, character-driven comedy that will have you laughing out loud!

In this staged reading, you’ll see a fully-rehearsed cast bring to life Neil Simon’s brilliantly-funny script - with all the flair, fun and fascination of a live radio play performance.

Spring selection Stammtisch
30th November, 19:00
The Curious Room

The Ride Down Mt. Morgan
By Arthur Miller

A car wreck on the slopes of Mt. Morgan puts poet and insurance tycoon Lyman Felt in the hospital. While Lyman recovers, two women meet in the hospital to discover that they are both married to him. With his secrets exposed, Lyman tries to justify himself to the two women–the prim, cultured Theo and the restless, ambitious Leah–at the same time hoping to convince himself that he is blameless. Moving between broad farce and delicate tragedy, The Ride Down Mt. Morgan reveals the struggle between honesty with others and honesty with oneself.

This play is also being considered for our spring production. Click here to read about both play options and cast your vote.

Christmas Stammtisch
5th December, 19:00
The Curious Room

The Man Who Came to Dinner
By George S Kaufman and Moss Hart

The play chronicles the mishaps of Sheridan Whiteside, a famous radio comedian, who goes to a Christmas dinner at the house of Earnest W. Stanley, a rich factory owner, and slips and injures his hip upon entrance ensuing in his comical recovery by an absent minded town doctor and frantic nurse. 

For our Christmas Stammtisch, we would again like to host a 'pot luck' event. 
More details to follow closer to the time.

Spring 2018 Play Selection

For our next production, we have two proposed plays. 

'Play it Again, Sam' by Woody Allen and
'The Ride Down Mt. Morgan' by Arthur Miller.

You can read about both these plays and cast your vote HERE