"The Hollow" by Agatha Christie
25th March, 19:00 - The Curious Room

A set of friends convene at a country home where their convoluted relationships mean that any one of them could be a murderer…

Written by the ‘Queen of Crime’ mystery writer, Agatha Christie, this classic country house murder features all the usual suspects… an eccentric family of aristocrats, a playboy doctor, a glamorous film star, a discreet butler and, of course, a certain puzzled Belgian detective… 
Will you be able to guess ‘who done it’ before he does?

"Don't Drink the Water" by Woody Allen
9th April, 19:00 - The Curious Room


A cascade of comedy and a solid hit on Broadway, this affair takes place inside an American embassy behind the Iron Curtain. An American tourist – a caterer by trade – and his wife and daughter rush into the embassy two steps ahead of the police who suspect them of spying and picture-taking. It’s not much of a refuge, for the ambassador is absent and his son, now in charge, has been expelled from a dozen countries and the continent of Africa. Nevertheless, they carefully and frantically plot their escape, and the ambassador’s son and the caterer’s daughter even have time to fall in love.

13th April 10:00 - 17:00, The Curious Room
Improv Workshop April 2019
We will be holding an Improv workshop in April, run by the lovely Sarah Blake. This is a great way to develop the skills to be able to think on your feet! 

Click the image above for more details.

Spring 2019 Production
8th, 9th & 10th May

An Evening of David Ives


Although we have found our actors, we still need to fill these roles below. If you are interested, please email committee@esoctheatre.org
Not sure what these roles entail? Check out our 'Who Does What?' page!

  • Producer – to deal with the administration of the production, budget, advertising etc. This person will be asked to attend several rehearsals. This person would be in charge of sourcing and maintaining the props.
  • Stage Manager (and Stage Hands) – The Stage Manager will be responsible for managing the smooth running of the scene changes. 
  • Sound and Lighting – Someone to control the all important lighting, and off stage sound effects.
  • Hair and Makeup – Someone to make sure the actors look fabulous (as they should)