Spring Production Proposals

"Family Album" by Noel Coward
"The Jackpot" by John Lewis (revised edition)
September 26th 19:00, The Curious Room


The Featherway family are gathered glumly in the drawing room in 1860 after their father’s funeral. But as madeira is drunk, dressing-up boxes unearthed, songs sung, childhood memories re-discovered and the scandalous secrets of the will revealed, the gloom turns into what Coward described as ‘a sly satire on Victorian hypocrisy.’

The Jackpot” is a comedy, played out in six short acts. It is the story of two couples and a birthday present that changes their relationship and their lives.

Spring Production Proposal

"Time Flies" and "Babel's in Arms" by David Ives
October 4th 19:00, The Curious Room


Time Flies: two mayflies on a date realize they have only twenty-four hours to live
Babel's in Arms: two Babylonian blue-collar workers have to build the Tower of Babel - or else

November Production
We are Three Sisters
by Blake Morrison
November 15th - 17th

A witty and thought provoking drama about passions of the body and of the mind.
Three sisters, fighting against history to have their voices heard - and succeeding!
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