Auditioning for the new play!!

Post date: 26-Aug-2009 08:46:51

Dear all,

We have decided to attempt to cast for Our Country's Good as our Autumn production. We're aiming for 3-4 shows in the first or the second weekend of December. We have chosen this play especially because the cast requires 14-20 adult roles (some can be doubled by the same person, 5 are necessarily women) giving a chance to involve many of our members.

Availability from the actors for rehearsals is required during the 11 weeks preceding the show at least once or twice during working days (aprox. between 18:00 to 20:00, to be agreed) and a couple of weekends. There are multiple independent scenes and the complete cast is not necessarily required to attend all rehearsals together, but in the last weeks this may be the case.

The casting exercise will last the next couple of weeks and all those interested in reading for a part should contact urgently directly the director David Andrews david.andrews(at)

We wish you all the best of luck, and we're crossing our fingers for a fantastic show and lots of fun!

The Committee