"Much Ado About Nothing" - February 27th, 2012
Staatstheater Darmstadt

On February 27th some members of the Group will go to see Shakespeare's “Much Ado About Nothing” at the Staatstheater in Darmstadt. Each and every Shakespeare lover! Get rapidly in contact and go have a great time together!


"Dinner for Five" - February 10th, 2012
WELT Theater Wiesbaden

We all know and love the sketch “Dinner for One” that regularly appears on German television on New Year's Eve, but... how did this eccentric couple come to perform their bizarre ritual year after year? Who are the imaginary guests?  Why have they become part of this strange procedure? And, how long has James been tripping over that damned tiger?!  The full-length play “Dinner for Five” by Mike Riepl provides you with answers to these questions… and more!

On February 10th some members of the Group will go to see “Dinner for Five” at the Wiesbaden English Language Theater (WELT) in Wiesbaden. Friends of our group are among the cast... I am definitely not going to miss that! Join us!


"Besuch der alten Dame" - November 25th, 2011
TU Schauspielstudio

On 25 November some members of the Group went to see Dürrenmatts “Besuch der alten Dame” (The Visit) at the TU Schauspielstudio. Our member Matthias Maat directed this magnificent performance, and we hope that we will see some of his great talent in one of our own productions!


"The Heiress" - November 4th, 2011
Frankfurt Internationales Theatre

On 4 November the Group went to see FEST’s production of „The Heiress“, directed by Sarnia Schüssler. In the cast were good friends from the old Earnest times (we especially want to mention the beau of Darmstadt, Mr Harald Schoppe), and our Diego worked on lights+sound. It was a thoroughly enjoyable production with a most stunning performance from Rebecca Kwee as the heiress.


"Die Physiker" (performed by kids) - March 27th, 2011 at 17:00
HoffART Theatre - Darmstadt

A group of several thespians went on March 27th, 2011 to HoffART Theatre, to enjoy seeing the young theatre group Hopjes performing "Die Physiker" by Dürrenmatt ("The Physicists" in the German original).

HoffART Theatre - Hopjes
Lauteschlägerstraße 28a


Audience with Murder - October, 2010
Frankfurt English Speaking Theatre

In October, several members went to see FEST's production of "Audience with Murder", directed by Vera Mark. It was great fun, and we are all looking forward to our joint production "The Importance of Being Earnest" this year!



Silke, Melanie, Alastair and Bruno, who'd all been involved with Dancing at Lughnasa back in 2008, went down to Strasbourg to see Tagora perform it. We had a splendid time and we absolutely loved what they did with the play. Very strong actors and very well cast, an absolutely beautiful set and great energy made as vibrate. And all those incredible lines suddenly came back to the tip of our tongues!

Trip to Strasbourg


EDUCATING RITA        6th and 13th June 2009

We've been together to Frankfurt to see it on the 6th and 13th of June 09, and we loved it! Congratulations to the English Theatre for putting on such a fantastic show! 


FEATS 2009         29th May to 1st June 2009

Four of us travelled this year to  Brussels for the festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies. As usual, 12 one-act plays or parts of a play were presented each evening with adjudication from a professional drama adjudicator and on the final  evening , prize giving.

In parallel a Fringe programme and a separate FEATLETS ( schools’ productions) ensured a more than full theatrical weekend for those with enough stamina. For me the 12 FEATS productions and a chance to  wander around Brussels at leisure in the day time contributed to  a very enjoyable weekend.

Of the 12 plays, 5 were original  scripts. One of these, ‘Stepping out of a Dream’ by Gary Clarke from the Stockholm Players ( many of us remember ‘Hey, Hey, good looking, another original  script from Gary) seemed to  us a good play , well written and well produced/acted ( Stockholm won the 2nd prize for production) however, the adjudicator did not award a prize for Best Original  Script.  A kick in the teeth , in my opinion.

There were some memorable productions  - The American Theatre Company, Brussels with a Woody Allan play ‘ Riverside Drive’.  Successful screen writer waiting in the park to  meet his mistress is confronted by a down-and-out, who  is not what he seems. Reminiscent of ‘Zoo Story’.  Very good play, acting/staging excellent ( prize for best stage presentation), good ensemble playing , needs US accents. – Hamburg players with an excellent production of ‘The Proposal’ by Anton Chekov. An absolute cracker, fast pace , hilariously funny, superb acting, entertainment value top marks, but no  prize!  One of our main disagreements with the adjudicator. – the New World Theatre group (Luxembourg) with ‘The Lesson’ by Eugene Ionesco. This play won 1st prize. It is a tour-de-force for the main actor, a huge complex text to  learn, but all aspects of the production were excellent. I think you have to  like theatre of the absurd, though.  – Het Homerostheater ( the Hague), with ‘The Pillowman’ by Martin Mcdonagh – a very dark ‘comedy’, very disturbing and violent. We saw only the first act of the play (its a 3 acter). They used a lot of audio-visual. A prisoner is being interrogated by two policemen ( good cop/bad cop)- he doesn’t know why he is there, what he’s supposed to  have done etc – very Kafkaesque/Orwellian. The play won 3rd prize for production and the actor who played the prisoner won Best Actor’. This was , for me , overall the best production of FEATS. The ‘best Actress’ award went to  someone from FEST (Frankfurt), a young actress playing an  older woman. This was a relatively small role, not too convincing ( for me) and is the other major disagreement with the adjudicator. All other actresses mentioned as contenders for the award were more deserving.

Many groups made use of audio-visual techniques. Sets were minimal . Many groups hung large , plain screens at the back of the stage, perhaps they all went on the same workshop. Sometimes it worked!

The organisation was very good. Next year , the festival is in Bad Homburg ( FEST as hosts) over the Christi Himmelfahrt weekend and not at Whitsun. I’m sure FEST would appreciate any help the we could give, both before and during the festival.

David Andrews