'No Exit' and 'Lady Luck'

No Exit by Jean-Paul Sartre
Directed by Kris Shrishak
In Sartre's 'No Exit', a valet brings Garcin, Inez and Estelle into a room in hell, a room where they expect to find instruments of torture but only find each other. This hell is no place for physical torture but one where they are condemned to be with other people forever, where there is no exit from other people.

Lady Luck by John Lewis
Directed by Hayley Letori
'Lady Luck' is an original one act drama/comedy in which we meet two couples and a lucky event that that could alter everything they think they hold dear. 

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For “No Exit”
Audition dates will be 2nd and 6th of December from 19:00 to 20:00 at ESOC 

Available roles:
  • Garcin, a journalist from Rio, is in hell due to his cruel treatment of his wife. As he believes that his redemption lies in Inez's approval that he is not a coward, he spends an eternity trying to prove to her.
  • Inez, a former postal clerk, is in hell for having seduced her cousin's wife. Her hell takes the form of Estelle, whom she desires but can never have as Estelle only desires a man.
  • Estelle, who died of pneumonia, is in hell for having numerous lovers while married and for killing the baby she had with a lover. She is constantly concerned with how she is seen and is in constant need of Garcin's approval.
  • Valet, who brings the three characters to the room in hell, is amused at their human vanity.

For “Lady Luck”
Audition dates will be 3rd and 4th of December from 18:30 to 19:30 at ESOC 

There are five characters in this play. Two married couples who are friends, and a policeman.

The couples are all very 'normal' people caught up in the daily slog of work and life. They assume they still love their spouses, but under the surface they all have their doubts. Their lives plod along until an unexpected event changes their dynamic for good.

Although the script calls for actors in their 50's, it can be easily adapted for younger or older actors. There will be some dramatic moments, but also a lot of comedy.

The fifth player is a good-looking policeman, younger than the couples. He is confident, smooth and a likeable character.

Other roles required
  • Producer – to deal with the administration of the production, budget, advertising etc. This person will be asked to attend several rehearsals. This person would be in charge of sourcing and maintaining the props.
  • Stage Manager (and Stage Hands) – The Stage Manager will be responsible for managing the smooth running of the scene changes. 
  • Sound and Lighting – Someone to control the all important lighting, and off stage sound effects.
  • Hair and Makeup – Someone to make sure the actors look fabulous (as they should).
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