Murder Mystery Picnic

Sunday 17th September @ 14:30

Come and join us for an afternoon of mystery, murder, mayhem and merriment!

Bring your own picnic food and drink, and a blanket or chair to sit on.

Costume theme is the Venetian carnival, however, full dress is not necessary (although highly encouraged!), but you will need a mask.

Please use this Doodle to register your interest as an onlooker or as a participant.

Some information about the story:

There is a well-known story that the Evangelist, Mark sailed into Rialto while on his way to Rome from Aquileia. There, an angel met him, and told the future saint that his body would have its final resting place in Venice. When he did die some years later, it was, in fact, in Alexandria, Egypt. Eight centuries later, in 828, two Venetian merchants persuaded the guardians of his Alexandrian tomb to let them have the corpse, which they then smuggled down to their ship in port. They brought the beatified body back to Venice, who promptly adopted him as their patron saint. Doge Giustinian Partecipazio, (who may well have had the bright idea of purloining the putrefied potentate in the first place), ordered the construction of the edifice that was to become the sumptuous St. Mark’s Basilica, so familiar to all visitors to Venice today. St Mark was buried therein, with great pomp. It has always been a vital element of Venice’s existence that St. Mark rested at peace in the heart of their city. The stability of the city, through fire, flood and plague has rested upon that comforting fact, and the faith of the Venetians in the protection of St Mark has kept them together, and pulled them together through the hardest of times.

 However, there is a little-known codicil to this story that few have ever heard, or are ever likely to hear. When St Mark was first buried in Alexandria, buried with him was a small bronze casket, unassuming in shape or appearance. It was a casket that Mark had carried with him day and night since the time of the crucifixion of Christ. Legend has it that the casket contained the very gold given to Christ by the Magi at the Epiphany. Priceless beyond all imagination, the casket was regarded as the holiest of all relics, and even the unscrupulous merchants apparently did not dare divide St Mark from his precious charge. It travelled, therefore, to Venice, and was buried with him in the Basilica. It was also reputed, amongst those few who knew of it, that if the casket were ever to be lost or stolen, the anger of St Mark would burn against Venice, from his grave, and great calamity would come upon that glamorous city. The legend was lost in the mists of time, and those who remembered it, and passed it on to their descendants were as few and rare as Dolphins in the Rialto……