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A feast at FEATS

posted 17 May 2010, 02:14 by ESOC Theatre Group   [ updated 17 May 2010, 02:15 ]
Dear all,

It is with great pride that I write this email. The ESOC Theatre Group was back at FEATS after many years of abstinence and we left it with no less than 2 awards!

The first award we got, which was also the first presented, went to our fantastic stage and tech crew for Best Stage Management. Our tech rehearsal and our setting and striking and all our interaction with the tech committee of FEATS was again a brilliant example of professionalism and efficiency. The credits here go to Alastair for the planning and overall coordination, for Dick who lead the crew on stage like a true captain, for Nigel for his amazing skills in and around the stage, to our heavy gang Henry, Adam and Simon for their precision and coordination, to Mark and Nicola for the good work in that tech booth! I said this half jokingly in the dressing room, I mean it very seriously now, you guys ROCK! What a performance!

The second award and the one that really made us jump out of our chairs with excitement and thrill, went to our diva Melanie! Best Actress of FEATS 2010!! What a pleasure it has been to support her generous and awesome performance! We hope you'll still remember us when you become a big star in Hollywood! This was also an award that we felt recompenses the team work behind, and once more credit is due to Alastair for the great directions and caring coaching and to Andy who was a marvelous inspired co-actor, and to Moira, Frank and Mark for the beautiful costumes, everyone loved them!

Our thanks extend to all who in one way or another supported us in this production including a very special thanks to Ruth, Eric, Emma and Lino for their breath taking performance of One for the Road in Darmstadt! To Olive who organized our attendance at the festival and to all those who came to build the set and then to watch and give us your warm cheer, many many thanks! A big thanks also to Daniel, our treasurer and producer (and babysitter!) And, if you allow me, a big thanks to my own adorable and loving Nicola!!!

I will leave to our expert attendants to report to you on the overall festival and highlighting of the other performances (Dave?)

Now on to new projects, and we're already looking forward to our Autumn production of "The Opposite Sex" by David Tristram, directed by Ivan. And before this one starts, we'll be glad to see you all in one of our next readings (June 8th at Altes Schalthaus) or at the Monday evening workshop of Ivan (at Eumetsat)! Let me also remind you that tickets are already available for Five Clever Courtesans at the Hoffart from 10th to the 12th of June:

A big hug, from one happy chairman,