A comprehensive list of the plays we have in our library and at our disposal. 
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 Oh What A Lovely War Mark Loveday  
Alan Ayckbourn Confusions Mark Loveday  
Alan Ayckbourn  Time of my Life  ESOC Theatre Group  
Alan Bennett  Forty years on and other plays  ESOC Theatre Group  
Anton Chekhov An Unwilling Marty Mark Loveday  
Anton Chekhov The Wedding Mark Loveday  
Anton Chekhov The Proposal Mark Loveday  
Anton Chekhov The Cherry Orchard Mark Loveday  
Anton Chekhov The Anniversary Mark Loveday  
Arthur Miller  AView from the Bridge/All my Sons  ESOC Theatre Group  
Arthur Miller  Death of a Salesman  ESOC Theatre Group  
Athol Fugard  Selected plays  ESOC Theatre Group  
August Strindberg Miss Julie Mark Loveday  
August Strindberg The Ghost Sonata Mark Loveday  
August Strindberg The Father Mark Loveday  
Ben Elton Gasping Mark Loveday  
Ben Elton Popcorn Mark Loveday  
Ben Elton Silly Cow Mark Loveday  
Charlotte Keatley My Mother Said I Never Should Mark Loveday  
Christopher Durang Durang/Durang (Collection of Short Plays) Mark Loveday  
David Campton The Cagebirds Mark Loveday  
David hare Knuckle Mark Loveday  
David Hare Slag Mark Loveday  
David Hare  Murmuring Judges  ESOC Theatre Group  
David Hare Plenty Mark Loveday  
David Hare Teeth 'n' Smiles Mark Loveday  
David Hare Licking Hitler Mark Loveday  
David Ives All in the timing Bruno Sousa  
David Mamet  Plays:2  ESOC Theatre Group  
Edgar Allan Poe  Eureka  ESOC Theatre Group  
Edward Albee The American dream, The Zoo story Bruno Sousa  
Edward Albee Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf? Bruno Sousa  
Edward Bond  The Sea  ESOC Theatre Group  
Edward Bond  Lear  ESOC Theatre Group  
Edward Bond Saved Mark Loveday  
Edward Bond  Restoration and the Cat  ESOC Theatre Group  
Emmeline Pankhurst  Great Speeches of the 20th Century  ESOC Theatre Group  
E.M.W. Tillyard Shakespeare's History Plays Bruno Sousa  
Euripides  Medea  ESOC Theatre Group  
Friedrich Schiller  Mary Stuart  ESOC Theatre Group  
George Bernard Shaw Saint Joan Bruno Sousa  
Graham Greene The End Of The Affair Mark Loveday  
Harold Macmillan  Great Speeches of the 20th Century  ESOC Theatre Group  
Heinrich von Kleist  The Prince of Homburg  ESOC Theatre Group  
Henrik Ibsen A doll's house, Ghosts, Hedda Gabler, The Master Builder Bruno Sousa  
Jean Anouilh Antigone Mark Loveday  
Jean Anouilh  Antigone  ESOC Theatre Group  
Jean Paul Sartre In Camera Mark Loveday  
Jeffrey Archer Beyond Reasonable Doubt Mark Loveday  
Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft 'allo 'allo Mark Loveday  
Joe Orton Loot Mark Loveday  
John Banville  The Broken Jug  ESOC Theatre Group  
John Barton  Playing Shakespeare  ESOC Theatre Group  
John Steinbeck  Of Mice and Men  ESOC Theatre Group  
Keith Dewhurst  Don Quixote  ESOC Theatre Group  
Mark Ravenhill The Cut Mark Loveday  
Mark Ravenhill Product Mark Loveday  
Martin Luther King  Great Speeches of the 20th Century  ESOC Theatre Group  
Martin McDonagh The Lieutenant of Inishmore Mark Loveday  
Neil Harrison Whodidt? Mark Loveday  
Nikita Khrushchev  Great Speeches of the 20th Century  ESOC Theatre Group  
Noel Coward Blithe Spirit, Hay fever, Private lives Bruno Sousa  
Peter Shaffer  Amadeus  ESOC Theatre Group  
Peter Shaffer  The royal hunt of the sun  ESOC Theatre Group  
Peter Shaffer  Three Plays  ESOC Theatre Group  
Peter Shaffer  The Gift of the Gorgon  ESOC Theatre Group  
Phil Woods  Canterbury Tales  ESOC Theatre Group  
Quentin Tarantino Pulp Fiction Bruno Sousa  
Quentin Tarantino Reservoir Dogs, True Romance Bruno Sousa  
Rainer Maria Rilke  Poems from the book of Hours  ESOC Theatre Group  
Robert Bolt  A Man for all Seasons  ESOC Theatre Group  
Ronald Harwood  The Faber Book of the Theatre  ESOC Theatre Group  
Sam Shepard A Lie Of The Mind Mark Loveday  
Samuel Beckett  Waiting for Godot  ESOC Theatre Group  
Samuel French  The Guide to Selecting Plays  ESOC Theatre Group  
Sarah Daniels Beside Herself Bruno Sousa  
Sophocles Oedipus the King Mark Loveday  
Steve Gooch Female Transport Mark Loveday  
Thol Fugard  A Lesson from Aloes  ESOC Theatre Group  
Tom Stoppard  Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead  ESOC Theatre Group  
Ugo Betti The Queen And The Rock Mark Loveday  
William Shakespeare MacBeth Bruno Sousa  
William Shakespeare The Taming Of The Shrew Mark Loveday  
William Shakespeare Much Ado About Nothing Mark Loveday  
William Shakespeare King Lear Mark Loveday  
William Shakespeare The Tempest Mark Loveday  
William Shakespeare The Merchant of Venice Mark Loveday  
William Shakespeare Richard III Mark Loveday  
William Shakespeare A Midsummer Night's Dream Mark Loveday  
William Shakespeare Julius Caesar Bruno Sousa  
William Shakespeare Hamlet Mark Loveday  
William Shakespeare Julius Caesar Mark Loveday  
William Shakespeare Romeo And Juliet Mark Loveday  
William Shakespeare Macbeth Mark Loveday  
William Shakespeare Othello Mark Loveday  
Willian Shakespeare  MacBeth  ESOC Theatre Group  
Willian Shakespeare  Romeo and Juliet  ESOC Theatre Group  
Willian Shakespeare  Measure for Measure  ESOC Theatre Group  
Willian Shakespeare  Twelfth Night  ESOC Theatre Group  
Willian Shakespeare  Hamlet  ESOC Theatre Group  
Willian Shakespeare  Henry V  ESOC Theatre Group  
Willian Shakespeare  King Lear  ESOC Theatre Group  
Willian Shakespeare  Richard II  ESOC Theatre Group  
Willian Shakespeare  A Midsummer Nights Dream, etc.  ESOC Theatre Group  
Willy Russel  Blood Brothers  ESOC Theatre Group  
Willy Russel Educating Rita Mark Loveday  
Wiston Churchill  Great Speeches of the 20th Century  ESOC Theatre Group  
Wole Soyinka Death and the King's Horseman Mark Loveday  
Woody Allen Play it again, Sam Bruno Sousa  
Showing 109 items