In The Wings

Stuff that is neither a play, play reading, workshop or theatre trip, namely our revues, concert parties and murder mysteries!

September 2010    Joint Autumn Summer Party with the ESOC Chorus

Book Shop Skit, Melissa Sketch (full name?), musical numbers (Mark, the names). Maybe Alastair still has the programme somewhere...?
            Any photos?

August 21st, 2010   Murder Mystery Dinner at Ristorante Sardegna, Darmstadt

Silver Screen City in the 1950s is the venue for the pre-filming party that Samuel O'Snuffit is hosting on one of the back lots at his studios. Samuel, who is well-known as one of the rudest men in town, has invited a glittering array of stars and celebrities to the no-expense-spared bash. The guests assemble and the evening's festivities begin. The booze is flowing and everyone goes outside to watch a dazzling firework display.......

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    Malica Forethought  (Melanie Zander)
    Sue Spender  (Anke Veil)
    Losta Morals  (Ruth Armstrong)
    Monica Makeover  (Silke Lammers)
    Fanny Chez-Longe  (Jamie Davies)
    Onnis Uppers  (Ivan Aksenov)
    Cecil Lothario  (Eric Beveridge)
    Johnny Come-Lately  (Bruno Sousa)
    Clark Crumpet  (Daniel Scuka)
    The Donne Cosi-Nostra  (Andy Williams)
    Bonny Lass  (June Scuka)
    Seamus O'Hacke  (Kevin Davies)
    Talulah Boon-D'hey  (Moira Grundy)
    Dia Re-Entry  (Mark Grundy)

199?            Midsummer Madness Revue
            Do we still have a programme, showing all the sketches that we did? (The Last Supper Skit, The String Skit, The real Long John Silver, Shirley Valentine, The Argument Skit, Top of the Form...???)
            Any photos?

1988            The ESOC Revue (in the construction site of H-Building...)
            Any details on the numbers we did (A chorus line...?)
            Any photos